Former “Wiseguy” star KEN WAHL, along with Shane and Sia Barbi–the iconic Playboy pinups—are asking ENQUIRER readers to PAWS this Veterans’ Day and help to help former members of the Armed Forces…with pets!

“Veterans Day is a day to honor our military heroes who fought for our country,” Ken, Shane and Shia told The ENQUIRER.

“We like to encourage people to be more proactive, this year, towards veterans and to donate to charities that help veterans, since they can’t always depend on government help. The U.S. government has had to make cuts and one was to pay for therapy and service dogs for disabled veterans. Charities like Guardians of Rescue pay for the total cost of those trained dogs. So they need those donations—and anything you can do would help! We can personally vouch for this organization!

“They are the real deal as so many veterans referred to us this org and now we work with them and see them in action.  We want people do to their own research and be careful as there are many orgs that are scams.

“But we endorse Guardians of Rescue and we are spokespersons for”

Rescued animals have been proven, as cited in statistics, to always work, and we've been told so many times by veterans personally, that rescued animals has literally been the only and last attempt to have saved their life.

“There is also a magic of rescuing an animal, that helps veterans with PTSD. Veterans w/PTSD usually say they feel like a burden, they feel worthless and it is in that one simple act of rescuing a pet from a kill pound that gives that veteran instant "feel good" about themselves.

“We always say "you can't save the world but you sure make the world for that one animal you saved." And it is just that the veteran needs to be encouraged to do.

And best of all it saves two lives, the lives of the veterans and the lives of the pets at kill pounds. Sometimes Guardians of Rescue just rescues a "comfort" animal, like a cat or bunny to help with anxiety or purr therapy to help insomnia or stress, which science has proved to be effective.

Guardians of Rescue has gotten a lot of major news with the help they do by bringing together bonded soldiers with dog or cat strays from Iraq and Afghanistan. This helps the veteran cope with civilian life. Guardians of Rescue also picks up pets left behind on bases when active military are deployed suddenly.

However, another very effective website that most active miltiary vets didn't know about is  who can foster the cat or dog left behind when suddenly deployed. So many servicemen and women have thanked me thinking they had to give up their pet to a kill pound, putting more stress on our servicemen and women.

“I’m determined to help decrease the astonishing rate of suicide among our military through what I’ve learned that help me,” Ken told The ENQUIRER.  This is one area that I know worked for me and helped me to cope with my injuries. I’ve always respected the military and I’m grateful they give us our freedom. So I feel this obligation to help disabled vets with rescued pets, since the pets were always so helpful to me.

“And by them saving an innocent pet from being destroyed at a kill shelter, this also will make them feel better.”