Daughter of bat-biting rocker OZZY, KELLY OSBOURNE stumbles her way through a wild, wild night in swingin’ London town!
Despite four attempts at rehab, it appears Kelly Osbourne may have fallen off the wagon once again – and was photographed stumbling out of a British club inwee the early hours of the morning.
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s 26-year-old daughter – who relapsed earlier this year and was snapped throwing back booze at a Los Angeles bar – went on a tear through London on July 6.
Accompanied by musician friend Natt Weller, Kelly started off the night at the restaurant Nobu, moved over to the W hotel and wrapped up the debauchery at The Box nightclub.
The reality star exited the club stumbling and looking disoriented at 3:45 a.m., with lipstick smeared across her face.
“She was clearly unsteady on her feet as she got into a car,” revealed an observer.
Pals have been concerned over Kelly’s ability to stay sober following her bitter breakup last summer with fiancé Luke Worrall.
Kelly showed some self-discipline when she was on “Dancing with the Stars” and slimmed down into bikini shape, but she’s admitted her weakness for alcohol.
“Even a glass of wine at dinner would probably mean me going home, getting ****-faced and then being on drugs and doing something stupid that Ihave to spend the next three months apologizing for.”