Mike Walker

Kelly Clarkson Caught In Toilet Terror

Assistant of the Year joins in crappy cleanup!

kelly clarkson scandals mike walker
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Mike Walker reports… It makes me gag to think I’m making a big stink here for country music cutie Kelly Clarkson, but clogging the nation’s pipes with gossip gunk’s my foul/fun job — so I’m gonna let ‘er rip!

Kelly was shooting a video at an old Victorian mansion when nature suddenly hollered her name — so she rushed to the nearest toilet, but while doing her business, the ancient pipes abruptly backed up!

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Said My Porcelain Spy: “Kelly was in a panic! She didn’t want the entire crew to know she’d busted the damn bog — and begged her assistant, who was in there with her, not to leave until later or everyone would know Kelly had done the smelly deed.

“It became like a scene out of an old ‘I Love Lucy’ show as the gals held their noses, actually tried to fix the cranky crapper — but ended up making it worse!”