Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams
Attention, "Dawson's Creek" fans! Katie Holmes has reached out to her uber-enemy Michelle Williams in a bid to jump-start a one-time reunion special of the hit TV series, a source said.
"It's something no one ever thought would happen," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "But Katie really wants to get a special off the ground and bury the hatchet with Michelle."
Katie, 35, played tomboy Joey Potter on The WB series about four teens in Massachusetts, which aired from 1998 to 2003.
Michelle's character, bad girl Jen Lindley, was her rival and killed off in the show's final episode.
"Even though Michelle's character was killed off, there are several gimmicks producers could use to bring her back," noted the insider.
Behind the scenes, the two actresses vied for co-star Joshua Jackson's affection during the show's run. And Michelle – single mom to tragic Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda, 8 – eventually became BFFs with actress Busy Philipps during the last two seasons, according to the source.
"After that, Katie felt like an outcast on the set," said the source. "It made 'Mean Girls' look like a tea party. But now Katie wants to be the bigger person and she's reached out to Michelle via their business teams."
Since "Dawson's" ended, Katie and Michelle have taken pains to avoid each other. Katie and then-husband Tom Cruise even pulled out of the 2011 Golden Globes because Michelle was nominated, said the source.
"Katie didn't want to be in the same cramped ballroom with Michelle," said the insider. "It's a real shame because they have a lot in common. They're both single moms with young daughters, they both had disastrous relationships with A-list actors and they both came to fame on 'Dawson's.'
"Michelle is still very wary about Katie and would much rather deal with Joshua when it comes to a possible reunion show. But Katie genuinely wants to kiss and make up, which is something Michelle never thought would happen.
"So far, Michelle has ignored Katie's messages, but Katie's not going to give up."