Katie Couric Sick Of Amy Schumer’s Crude Joke!

Katie Couric, Amy Schumer

Katie Couric is one person who doesn’t find red-hot comic Amy Schumer funny!

The former friends have fallen out over a dirty joke the “Trainwreck” star played on the Yahoo anchor at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last June in London.

When Katie, 58, left her phone unattended, Amy, 34, grabbed it and texted a raunchy message to the former “Today” show host’s husband, John Molner.

“I picked it up and, without even thinking, texted him: ‘I want to have a–l tonight.’”

At first, Katie thought it was funny, but Amy’s told the story on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” — and just about everywhere else she goes.

“Katie was incensed when she heard Amy told the story on ‘Fallon,’ and now she’s learned that she uses it regularly in her act. She’s sick of it!”

The newswoman’s spotlight has been shrinking since she was fired as anchor of “CBS Evening News” in 2011.

Yahoo hired her with a massive $40 million contract, but user reaction has been tepid, at best.

Despite her high-profile presence, the website’s homepage traffic is down 31 percent in the last year.

Taking another hit to her reputation is the last thing she needs now.

“Katie feels Amy is totally undermining the serious journalistic work she does by using her as a punch line,” the source said.

“Katie even called Amy to knock it off,” the source revealed.

Katie’s rep said she is treating it as a joke, and offered this response from the journalist: “It’s flattering that she (Amy) keeps dropping my name, but I want to put this behind me.”