LATEST: Insiders say KATIE COURIC’s “boring” TV talker is in danger of being axed BUT Katies rep tells The ENQUIRER “not true”.

America’s News sweetheart,  the former daytime queen of NBC’s once unbeatable “Today Show” to esteemed “CBS Evening News” anchor, Katie Couric was once America’s most trusted TV journo.

But now will her frosh daytime talker on ABC, “Katie,” be the stygian straw writing “finis” to Katie’s once untouchable career?

“While all television is going through a difficult time and programming is having a hard time finding its niche, Katie’s new talk show does not live up its expectations,” an ABC show insider told FOX411.

“Whatever constraints Katie experienced anchoring ‘Evening News’ (it’s) certainly taking its toll, and her return to daytime has backfired.”

Others industry critics are even more harsh.

“It’s an unmitigated disaster,” one seasoned studio executive said.

“One of the biggest failures ever in syndication. Terrible ratings, no growth, shouldn’t be on the air. Where did it miss the mark? Let’s start with her, she is dreadfully boring. The show offers nothing.

While Disney-ABC Domestic Television officially renewed Couric’s syndicated talk show in January for a second season through fall 2013, it’s almost a certainty, insiders say, there’ll be no season three.

“There is zero chance is goes to a third season,” another insider divulged. “It might not even finish the second.”

Anad again, Katie’s rep say the Fox411 angle is not true.