“I used to think Patricia Heaton was funny, but now I’m just grossed out by her!”

Those are the biting words of comic Kathy Griffin, who’s been blasting the former “Everybody Loves Raymond” star in her new sold-out comedy tour. Griffin’s taken the 48-year-old actress to task for her conservative views on subjects such as gay rights and stem cell research.

“The whole gay issue, I gotta tell you – when I hear Patricia talking her bull—- and saying it’s not in the Bible that gay people should be together – those are the pieces of information that I can’t forget about,” said Kathy.

The self-proclaimed “D-list” star, 46, slammed Patricia at a special charity event held at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center on Dec. 7, where she made a $10,000 donation. “Kathy was ruthless about Patricia,” an event attendee told The ENQUIRER. “She told the mostly gay audience that Patricia should not be trusted because she ‘hates you gays.’ The shocked audience gasped – it got very quiet.”

Kathy went on to call Patricia a hypocrite because she hires gay hairdressers and makeup people.

“Patty Heaton has the gayest makeup person you’ve ever seen,” Kathy told the audience. “I can’t get beyond it. It’s the hypocrisy.”

Said the observer: “Kathy definitely opened up our eyes to what Patricia really thinks of her gay fans.”