Mike Walker

Kathie Lee Gifford’s In-Flight Nightmare — Over Passing Gas

Afraid she'll 'let one fly' while flying!

Kathie Lee Gifford
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Mike Walker reports … Host Kathie Lee Gifford’s constant prayer on planes is “Fly Me to the Moon — But Don’t DARE Let Me Doze!” Here’s high-flying scoop that’ll blow you away: The “Today” star’s totally terrified she’ll fall asleep during flights — then literally blow passengers away by accidentally passing gas as her churning gut relaxes!

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Smirked My Mile-High Spy: “It’s one of the most hilarious star quirks I’ve ever heard of — and KLG’s NOT just farting around, folks! She’s terrified she’ll let one loose every time she dozes, then be embarrassed by her flatulent noise-bomb AND sneering giggles from flight-mates, so she rarely allows herself to get any shut-eye, even on very long flights … because this girl NEVER runs out of gas!”

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