Katherine Jackson’s Sad Last Days

Michael Jackson
Ron Sachs / CNP Newscom/Mega Agency

Michael Jackson’s mom is a mess — ailing matriarch Katherine is a virtual recluse at her L.A. compound, where family scandals and squabbles are dragging her down as fear is spreading the end is near, sources say!

Insiders confide the 91-year-old mother of the infamous musical clan is losing the will to live — especially with her beloved 23-year-old grandchild, Paris, behaving wildly out of control!

“She should be living her final years in peace and quiet, but she’s very upset about the Jackson legacy falling to pieces and Michael’s memory not getting the kind of attention and respect it deserves,” spills an insider.

“King of Pop” Michael OD’d on hospital grade anesthetic administered by his personal doctor on June 25, 2009, at age 50.

But Katherine, whose husband, Jackson 5 manager Joe Jackson, died in 2018, is particularly distressed about Michael’s once-suicidal daughter. Paris recently posted videos showing her cavorting half-naked in the moonlight with a coven of topless witches and posed for pictures with a huge knife!

“It breaks her heart Paris is practicing these weird witchlike rituals, dancing around like someone possessed. It’s having an effect on her poor health,” tattles an insider. “The family rallies around her, but they’re all feuding about one thing or another and make for unpleasant company!”

Sources dish Katherine’s attention-seeking daughter Janet has been dredging up her disastrous boob-baring incident at the 2004 Super Bowl — saying it was an “accident” — and it’s a total embarrassment for her pious mom.

Janet is also fighting with her brothers on how to care for Katherine, while scandal-tainted La Toya is still persona non grata with the family, according to sources.

“It’s all too much for Katherine’s nerves,” dishes an insider. “She’s got round-the-clock nurses and already has one foot in the grave. There’s concern the other foot will follow!”