Kate Middleton’s Secret Love Diaries Go Missing!

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The Duchess of Cambridge is in a royal panic after her personal intimate journals suddenly vanished from her mansion!

Kate Middleton‘s terrified the highly personal diaries — full of the secrets of her sex life — have been stolen from her home in the English countryside and will suddenly turn up on the Internet!

“Kate is going through hell,” disclosed a royal insider. “She has searched for them but can’t find them anywhere.”

A full 10 volumes of Kate’s deepest secrets have mysteriously disappeared from one of several outbuildings being used for storage on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate, where Kate and Prince William’s house is. 

“There were two boxes filled with diaries going back over 20 years,” said the source. “There was no sign of a break-in, and Kate has no idea where the diaries have gone.”

Kate, 33, has religiously kept a journal since she was 11.

“She has only ever shown them to a couple of girlfriends,” said the pal. “William tried to take a look at them once, and Kate went nuts and snatched them off him.” 

The diaries are said to detail Kate’s romance with William — including their dramatic breakup in 2007 — and intimate secrets about her previous boyfriends, law student Rupert Finch and her first love, Willem Marx.

The Duchess is said to have poured out her heart over many pages about her ill-fated romances.

“Kate was especially smitten with Willem,” said the friend. “She fell for him when she was 17 and had a lot of her first experiences with him, which she writes about in her diary.

“Kate is also dreading someone else reading about how devastated she was when William dumped her,” divulged the source. 

“She’ll be totally humiliated if it all finds its way onto the Internet.”

Another concern is airing her feelings about her husband’s former flames, which apparently are less than enthusiastic. 

“Kate’s very jealous of all of William’s exes, and pretty much any woman who she feels is getting too close to him,” said the insider.

She has especially never liked Jecca Craig, who William had a wild fling with before falling for Kate, and she also regards William’s cousins Beatrice and Eugenie and her stepmother-in-law Duchess Camilla as enemies.