Kate Middleton Wins The Crown For Christmas!

Kate middleton short

Prince William’s glamorous wife, Duchess Kate, has beaten evil Camilla in the vicious, no-holds-barred battle for the crown, sources tell The National ENQUIRER!

To ram home her victory, the 33-year-old mother of two recently wore the late Princess Diana’s favorite pearl-and-diamond tiara to the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace.

“It’s really significant,” said an insider. “It’s called the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara and was a gift from Queen Elizabeth to Di on her wedding day to Charles in 1981. It’s the first time it’s been seen in public since the princess’ death in 1997.

“But more importantly, it sends the clear message that her majesty has reversed her decision to have Charles and Camilla inherit the throne.”

According to well-placed palace sources, the queen, 89, was enraged that 68-year-old Camilla’s drinking is out-of-control, and she no longer trusts her son’s scheming second wife.

“It all comes down to Camilla’s refusal to give up boozing herself into oblivion,” said one insider. “Elizabeth had hoped Camilla would temper her drinking after learning her lifetime dream of being queen was within her grasp — but the exact opposite has happened.

“She’s been hitting the bottle even harder, believing she’d finally defeated her young nemesis, celebrating wildly and loudly boasting ‘I’ve won!’

“Camilla’s drunken outbursts have become intolerable. She’s been riding her staff so brutally that they’re sick and tired of her disgusting behavior. The queen now believes Camilla on the throne would spell doom for the monarchy.”

The nasty fight over who’ll take over from Elizabeth when she dies, or steps down, has intensified in the four years since William and Kate’s marriage.

Overwhelming polls say the public don’t want Charles and Camilla — but they also feel William and Kate need time to raise their children, George and Charlotte.

Finally, outcries from fed-up servants at Clarence House — Charles and Camilla’s London residence — reached the ears of her majesty, who realized her daughter-in-law was a deadly cancer for the royal family as a whole.

“In an about face, she told her son, Charles, he’s feeble and has no control of his crazed wife, and that the only hope for the future of the family lay in the hands of William and Kate.

“And to make her intentions known, she told Kate to wear beloved Diana’s tiara to the annual palace function.”

Sources said the sight of Kate in the spectacular crown was like a stab in the heart for the devious Duchess of Cornwall.

“Camilla completely went off the rails,” another source told The ENQUIRER. “She started screaming Kate must have stolen Diana’s jewels.

“She fumed that no amount of regal finery could disguise the fact that William’s wife is still ‘nothing but a commoner.’ It’s her same old sorry tune. She just doesn’t get it that Kate is adored while she’s reviled by the majority of the public.”

The irony of his stepmother railing about Kate wearing his mother’s tiara wasn’t lost on William.

In 2006, evil Camilla brazenly wore a brooch that was a favorite of Diana’s to a London theater premiere, infuriating the young prince.

“If anyone has the right to wear his mother’s jewelry, it’s William’s wife,” an insider said.

“When the time comes, Kate will be wearing the crown — not Camilla!”