Charlie’s Angels star KATE JACKSON‘s fury when she was banned from a deathbed visit with close pal FARRAH FAWCETT.

Now she’s getting revenge for the snub in an explosive new memoir scheduled for publication by Simon & Schuster in 2011, The ENQUIRER has learned.

"Kate’s got a hell of a Hollywood tale to tell, and she’s finally ready to spill all of the secrets," a publishing insider told The ENQUIRER.

"Her three failed marriages and her financial and health problems – it’s ALL going in the book.

"But more than anything, Kate is relishing the chance to even the score with Farrah’s family for keeping her away. The gloves are off."

Kate, 61, was reportedly turned away from Farrah’s bedside by Ryan O’Neal and her BFF Alana Stewart during the Angel’s final hours.

Farrah – who died from anal cancer in June 2009 – "was like a sister to Kate, and her biggest regret was they never got to say goodbye," said the source.

"Farrah’s camp made Kate out to be a meddling nuisance. Now she has the opportunity to tell how she was frozen out at the end."

After Farrah died, heartbroken Kate told a reporter that she regretted not forcing her way in to see her friend, saying: "I wish I had burst in, I really do."

For all the details pick up the new ENQUIRER.