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Kate Hudson: Bubble Butt!

She got too silly while trying to look sexy!

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Kate Hudson proved that even the rich and famous can get desperate for attention!

The needy actress, 36, actually lowered herself to having her stylist take a sexy snap of her soapy nude body and post it on Instagram just to get a 23-year-old guy’s attention!

Of course we’re not talking about just any 23-year-old; we’re talking about pop idol Nick Jonas here.

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Kate dated Nick last fall. At the time, the “Almost Famous” star insisted it was just for fun!

But sources say cougar Kate wasn’t happy when the good times came to an end, and she decided to woo Nick with her hot photo.

Kate had stylist pal Sophie Lopez post the picture — and Kate then “faked” getting mad, commenting, “Omg! You’re so fired!”

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But it came too late.

Nick is already in the arms of 26-year-old Lily Collins, the gorgeous daughter of pop star Phil Collins.

“Nick and Lily only got together properly three weeks ago,” said a source. “Even though it’s a new relationship, they’re crazy about each other.”

So now Kate’s got egg on her face — or, more precisely, her butt!