Kardashians Drove Lamar Odom To ‘Depths Of Despair’

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Before attempting to end his life with the same lethal overdose that killed River Phoenix, tragic Lamar Odom wrote a secret suicide note blaming the Kardashians for his downward spiral.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has obtained the confusing but heartbreaking letter, penned in the hours before 911 was called to save his life.

The troubled NBA star wrote out what he thought would be his last words in a private bedroom at a legal Nevada brothel, where he almost died on Oct. 13.

Triumph & Disaster: The Complicated History Of Lamar Odom

The rambling suicide note reads: “… they doing as in Mid-town in Broad day. “To a popular face light skinned, un popular by demand, dark skinned, olive toned, Mexican or the other of ****** and everybody put em up!”

Relationship expert to the stars Dr. Gilda Carle said the term “unpopular by demand” refers to his marriage to Khloé Kardashian, which had imploded — and how the Kardashians were still destroying him!

Dr. Carle told The ENQUIRER: “Khloé dumped him and established a new relationship with James Harden, another NBA star. But the Kardashians were still talking about him on their show.

“‘Unpopular by demand’ is how he felt, and in his confused state it led him to try and take his life!”

The source additionally told The ENQUIRER the suicide note is a direct reference to the world’s most famous reality show family and, in particular, to an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that aired on Oct. 11 -— just two days before Lamar was found at death’s door!

The insider claimed: “Lamar was always full of life, but the episode really destroyed him. He felt used and exploited by the Kardashians. He realized the deep hurt they can cause knows absolutely no bounds!”

“He’d been around them since 2009, and had previously ignored warnings from his own family members, including dad Joe, that they cared nothing for anyone but themselves. When that show aired, he plunged into the depths of despair!”

The source also told The ENQUIRER Lamar, 35, then wrote the suicide note and tried to kill himself. Two hookers found him unconscious at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch after he overdosed on a heroin-and-cocaine “speedball.”

Dennis told The ENQUIRER: “The more I hear about Lamar’s medical situation, the more I’m starting to believe that it could’ve been a suicide attempt.”

Paramedics rushed him to a Las Vegas hospital where he was in critical condition. After four days in a coma, he was airlifted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

While he emerged from his unconscious state, sources said he has severe brain and kidney damage and it’s unclear at this time the extent of the loss of his motor skills following a stroke he suffered during his ordeal.

Reality show diva Khloé — who filed to end their four-year marriage in 2013 — had been at his bedside for much of the time Lamar has been hospitalized.

In a new twist, her lawyer stopped the divorce proceedings on Oct. 21 when he asked a Los Angeles judge to dismiss the filing.

“The Kardashians are now trying to rescue him to look good in the public eye,” the source added. “But the fact is, Lamar blamed them in his suicide note and now they’re once again exploiting him for ratings — it’s simply pathetic!”

— Alan Butterfield, Bob Burns and Doug Montero