Baby girl expectin’ KIM KARDASHIAN  better get a foothold on reality and stop wearing those too-tight Lucite heels or face the worst, top doc warns!

The 32-year-old beauty has been torturing her tootsies by squeezing them into too-tight shoes. But medical experts warn she could be risking her health – and that of her unborn baby – all in the name of high fashion.

“Kim is making a bad mistake” said a close source. “She should have started putting on comfortable footwear as early as possible in her pregnancy.”

For expectant moms, high heels or stilettos can hinder blood circulation, trigger varicose veins and cause other problems, including dangerous falls, say experts.

Dr. Arthur Wisot, a noted Los Angeles obstetrician who has not treated Kim, told The ENQUIRER: “High heels are not a good idea during pregnancy because your center of gravity shifts and you lose your sense of balance.

“This could lead to a fall that in extreme cases could injure not only the mother but cause premature labor.”

What’s more, said another expert, wearing the wrong footwear can cause swelling and widening of the feet. Ankle strength can diminish, contributing to increased instability.

Improper footwear can also lead to aching, enlarged spider veins.

Fortunately, pregnant women can take steps to avert some of these problems by wearing flat shoes with arch support.

“At the very least, Kim should have switched from high heels to comfortable shoes with a two-inch wedge,” said a source. “As it is, she’s playing with fire.”