Social Unrest!

Kanye West Is Tweeting In His Sleep

Kim sends restless rapper to the spare bedroom!

kanye west twitter meltdown sleepwalking

Kanye West isn’t just a sleepwalker — he’s a sleep tweeter!

Sources are saying that the controversial rapper is hitting social media while not really awake, much like Roseanne Barr blamed her recent racist scandal on hitting Twitter while after taking sleeping pills!

An insider told The ENQUIRER: “Kanye has always been a sleepwalker, but lately it’s gotten out of control.

“He will get up and walk around almost every night.

“But sometimes he’ll play music or even start tweeting. The next morning, he doesn’t remember doing it!”

The nighttime treks have also riled wife Kim Kardashian, who’s already ensured her beauty sleep by booting Kanye to a guest bedroom.

But that hasn’t stopped his bizarre tweets — like raging about people being “addicted” to their phones!