Kanye West Meltdown Caught On Tape — Ready To Walk Off ‘SNL’

Egomaniac rapper rages against Taylor Swift — says he's bigger than the Apostle Paul!

kanye west snl meltdown audio video

Kanye West almost bolted from his appearance on last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” — and delivered an epic backstage rant that complained about “fake-ass” Taylor Swift while he boasted about being “50 percent more influential” than St. Paul the Apostle.

That’s the same Apostle Paul who was tasked with delivering the words of Christ, which puts Kanye up there with John Lennon for saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus!

Staffers at New York Post‘s “Page Six” landed the exclusive audio sneaked out from backstage as Kanye cursed aplenty — so watch out for offensive language when playing this uncensored tape!

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You’ll get Kanye warning the “SNL crew: “Don’t f–k with me,” after he was outraged that they had removed some reflective flooring he’d put on the show’s stage.

Production insiders say it was interfering with the camera lights — but Kanye didn’t care!

As heard on the video, Kanye rants:

Are they f–king crazy? Whoa! By 50 percent, [I have more influence than] Stanley Kubrick, Picasso, Apostle Paul, f–king Picasso and Escobar. By 50 percent more influential than any other human being!

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Kanye adds that he’s also still “bummed” over Taylor Swift — who’d mocked him on the Grammys after he’d recently rapped: “I made that bitch famous!”

Hear the (very explicit) meltdown below on Page Six’s exclusive video, complete with censored subtitles if you’re watching at work…