Extra Protection!

Crazed Kanye West Living In A Bullet-Proof Vest

Rapper fears he could be rubbed out!

kanye west
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Kanye West is so paranoid he is going to be assassinated he’s made a bulletproof vest part of his everyday attire — and friends fear he is days away from another nervous breakdown!

“He’s not right in the head and he’s under the delusion that he’s a target,” a snitch spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

Kanye wears a bulletproof vest underneath his clothes whenever he leaves the house.

“He has nightmares of being hit by bullets — he wears the bulky gear even when it’s just out for dinner!” added the snitch.

Tortured by thoughts of his wife, Kim Kardashian, being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last October and convinced their wealth has made them susceptible, the 39-year-old rapper has also invested in large amounts of security — even ordering his fleet of cars be made bulletproof, too!

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“Kanye won’t go out without an army of security guards and he’s constantly looking over his shoulder with widened eyes,” the source confided.

“He’s fearful of being followed — but it’s really all in his mind. He really has taken a massive hit to his confidence since his breakdown, and he hasn’t felt this vulnerable since his mother died. He’s paranoid beyond help and is convinced people are out to get him — it’s sad!”