Nearly broke, wannabe rapper Kevin Federline is begging wife Britney Spears to take him back.

He’s even followed her like a lost puppy – hoping for a chance to plead his case, divulged a source. "And he’s been leaving her messages – but Britney hasn’t called him back.

"Kevin flew to Miami as soon as he heard Britney was expected there to record a few tracks for her new album. He had hoped to have a heart-to-heart talk and convince her to drop the divorce. But Britney didn’t go to Miami – instead she flew to Las Vegas. She’s keeping her distance from Kevin."

The couple, whose two-year marriage came to an end just weeks after the birth of their second son, haven’t spoken since Britney, 24, filed divorce papers Nov. 7.

A puffed-up K-Fed is telling friends he’s glad to be rid of the pop princess – but that’s just face-saving bravado, say sources.

But when he’s not with his pals, Kevin, 28, is starting to panic. His solo career has flopped, and he realizes he needs Britney’s star power to live the good life, say insiders.

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