Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock
George Clooney is caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between two of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies.
Longtime rivals Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock both want George to support them in their upcoming Academy Award campaigns – and neither woman wants to share the spotlight.
Even though the two are shooting for different awards – Sandra for Best Actress and Julia for Best Supporting Actress – George is still said to be caught in the middle because he starred with Sandra in the blockbuster hit "Gravity" and is a producer of Julia's "August: Osage County."
Sources say Julia, 46, has been pushing George hard to put in appearances with her instead of with Sandra, 49. But George did throw Sandra a bone when he revealed they're in talks to do another movie together – and that news apparently set Julia off!
"Julia is being pretty unfair because George has spent far more time with her than Sandra," said an insider. "George doesn't think Sandra needs any help because the buzz around Hollywood is that she's a shoo-in for another Best Actress Oscar nomination.
"But that hasn't stopped Julia from going green-eyed over last week's new project announcement. There's been a rivalry between the actresses for a long time."
Sandra has been in Julia's crosshairs ever since she was dubbed "the next Julia Roberts" following her breakout role in "Speed" in 1994.
After that, Julia opted out of two parts, including Sandra's Golden Globe-nominated role in "The Proposal" and, most recently, Sandra's Oscar-winning role in "The Blind Side."
"Sandra always won out because she didn't have the salary demands that Julia had, and that's really irked Julia," said the source.
"I don't think George had any idea how deeply the bad feelings ran. The only saving grace for him now is hoping that Sandy rises above the fray like she always does."