WITH his daytime show canceled after 15 years, JUDGE JOE BROWN went on a booze-fueled rant against his former job, saying, “I do not do that bull**** anymore!”

The former Ten­nessee criminal court judge, 66, was also caught on video openly flirting with two young hotties, even though he’s been married since 2001.

“Woow, s***, I keep tell­ing my boys to bring home a girl like you,” Judge Brown said as he nuzzled a tattooed cutie named Lynn.

Brown also called her a “bona fide LTY thing,” and then explained: “That’s a luscious tender young thing! You need to be my daughter-in-law… so you can take care of an old man in his old age.”

On the shock­ing video, which first appeared on the Internet blog WSHH on Aug. 26, Brown drops f-bombs and admits to drinking Double Bombay Sapphire gin, which is a whopping 94 proof ! He also showed off a cell­phone picture of his wife Deborah.

“You talk about women and how I’m a player,” he slurred. “This is my 50-year-old wife! She’s bad!”

When the cameraman blurts out: “I’m not guilty,” a woozy Brown answered: I do not do that bull**** any­more! I’m about making a lot of money!”

Judge Brown’s once high­ly-rated show was canceled in March after contract negotiations broke down over cutting his reported $20 million annual salary.

“The judge has been at loose ends ever since his show ended,” said a source. “Remember that line ‘so­ber as a judge’? Well, that’s definitely not Judge Joe Brown!”