JUDE LAW mollified by mole who told his darkest secrets to now defunct UK tab in phone hack attack scandal.

The “Sherlock Holmes” thesp was confronted in court with the shocking news that a family member sold stories about him and ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller to a British newspaper when he appeared in court in London today as part of the ongoing News Corp. phone hacking trial.

Former editors of Britain’s News of the World have been accused of secretly hacking various celebrities’ phones for information about their private lives, and Law was present to testify about an October 2005 story that revealed then GF Miller wqas cheating on him with 007 Daniel Craig, RadarOnline  reported.

Law told the court that the paper’s story — alleging that he had called Craig to confront him about the affair — was entirely true. Law claimed he was “shocked to see the amount of information accumulated” by the paper’s staff, but “Sadly, it did not surprise me …”

It was not until August of last year, he told the court, that he found out a family member had been leaking information to News of the World.

But when the paper’s attorney revealed in court that that person had been paid, Law said, “I’ve never been aware of that; of anyone getting paid for that.”

In a dramatic scene, the attorney wrote the snitch’s name on a piece of paper and handed it to Law, asking if he had known that person was getting paid to spill about his private life.

According to The Guardian, Law “did not flinch when he unfolded the paper,” but said, “I was made aware very recently that there had been some kind of communication with this person … I was never aware any money changed hands [until today].”

Law also told the court that when police confronted him with the news that his phone had allegedly been attacked by the paper, they played voicemail recordings for him in which he recognized his own voice leaving messages for his children’s nanny.