Don’t drop the Converse, MICHAEL – your new in-laws are FELONS!

As basketball leg­end Michael Jordan reportedly gets ready to tie the knot on April 27, sources say his gor­geous Cuban-born fiancee, Yvette Prieto, is hoping he never finds out about her family shame.

“Michael and Yvette really love one another, but there’s a dark cloud hanging over her head,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “As the wedding day gets closer and closer, people who know the Prietos are starting to whisper about their checkered past.”

IN 2001, It was reported that Yvette’s parents, Carlos and Ma­ria Prieto – along with 11 others, including Maria’s brother and sister-in-law – ran an elaborate billing scheme that included five heart-monitoring service compa­ nies, three medical companies, a medical billing company, a manage­ment company and an unlicensed physician placed in a busy Miami clinic.

Department of Insurance fraud investigators said the group billed insurance companies at least $1 mil­lion for heart-monitoring services never rendered, collecting more than $410,000 in payments since March 1998. Most of the proceeds, according to the investigators, were funneled to Maria Prieto, who operated Pacificare Case Management, Inc., from her Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., home.

Maria and Carlos were both eventually convicted on sev­eral felony counts in 2005 and served 18 months in state pris­on.

“This all happened before Mi­chael met Yvette, so the whole family has just swept this bit of information under the rug,” the friend continued. “I hope Michael protects his money because her parents are very sneaky.”

As THE ENQUIRER previously reported, Michael, 50, made sure Yvette, 35, signed an airtight prenup before he agreed to walk down the aisle.

And it appears that the retired athlete gets along just fine with his soon-to-be kin. Not only has he purchased a stunning mansion for himself and his bride in Jupi­ter, Fla., he’s also bought his new in-laws a home!