The prime suspect in the NATALEE HOLLOWAY disappearance,  self-confessed killer JORAN van der SLOOT has gone on an incredible $50,000 spending spree in prison – thanks to a huge cash windfall he’s using for bribes, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

The pampered punk has become the king of his cell block – enjoying specially prepared gourmet meals, his favorite drinks, expensive new clothes and startling privileges including playing poker with his guards, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

When a newsman recently sneaked Natalee’s mom BETH TWITTY into van der Sloot’s Peruvian prison for a headline-making confrontation, she was expecting to find him in a rat-infested hellhole. But to her shock and horror, she found him living the good life!

"Where is my daughter? What did you do with her?" Beth demanded.

But the stone-cold killer met her with silence handing her his lawyer’s business card, and the distraught mom is now convinced Joran will never confess to killing her daughter – and will take to his grave the secrets behind the Alabama teen’s sudden disappearance in Aruba five years ago.

The ENQUIRER also learned that the arrogant thug shows absolutely no remorse.

When a guard at the prison recently asked him about Natalee, Joran heartlessly fired back: "What does that matter – she’s dead!"

The Dutch thug, 23, is being held at Lima’s Miguel Castro Castro prison on charges he murdered Peruvian student Stephany Flores, 21. He remains the prime suspect in Natalee’s death. Yet he lives a cushy existence thanks to a Dutch media company he says paid him a staggering $50,000 for an interview.

Now, in an outrageous reversal of sanity, prison guards are Joran’s personal servants. He plays cards with them, and they even allowed him to buy fancy shoes and clothes for his prison pal Hugo Trujillo Ospina –  "The Clown" – a paid assassin who’s been protecting him from other inmates’ sexual attacks, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Joran is ensuring his safety by becoming the prison "Santo Klaus" – buying cigarettes and garments for the most dangerous inmates and donating to their favorite charity to send a 3-year-old Peruvian girl for medical care in the U.S.

The huge interview fee, which Joran uses for his bribes and luxury living, is reportedly being funneled to him a small amount at a time by a local attorney.

Joran enjoys the amenities his payoffs allow, including gourmet meals of traditional Peruvian dishes, such as beef cooked with tomatoes and onions served with fried potatoes.

"It’s disgraceful!" fumed Holloway family friend and investigator Art Wood. "This remorseless monster is being allowed to profit from his terrible crimes."