Jon and Kate Gosselin are seeing a marriage counselor, sources say, and their therapy sessions may be shown on their popular reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8!

As cheating rumors swirled around the couple, Kate at first refused to seek counseling, insiders say. But with the future of their TLC show on the line, she’s reconsidered, according to sources.

"It’s make-or-break time for Jon and Kate, and counseling may be the only hope they have to repair their shattered marriage," said an insider close to the couple.

"The big question is whether they’ll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree."

The TLC series follows the Gosselins as they raise 8-year-old twin girls and 5-year-old sextuplets. But they’ve spent much of their time apart recently with Kate, 34, on the road promoting her book while Jon, 32, takes care of the kids at their Pennsylvania home.

And reports have surfaced that Jon has been seeing elementary school teacher Deanna Hummel, 23, while Kate has allegedly grown close to bodyguard Steve Neild.

Both Jon and Kate have denied having affairs, and family members have been urging them to seek professional help.

"But Kate didn’t want any kind of marriage counseling," her brother Kevin Kreider told The ENQUIRER.

A source close to the couple added: "Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone. She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else."

But camera-loving Kate is also determined to wring two more seasons out of Jon & Kate,  sources say.

"Kate wants a future in showbiz, and airing their counseling sessions will shoot the show’s ratings through the roof," added the insider.

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