A decade after the death of America’s favorite late night kingpin, Johnny Carson’s granddaughter is still struggling to get by in life. 

Johnny left behind a $450 million estate when he died Jan. 23, 2005, from emphysema – but none of it landed in the hands of Christal, now 28. “We never disputed the situation,” Christal’s mom, Tanena Love, 63, exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

Her lawyer claimed in a child support dispute that Christal was the product of a secret 10-year relationship Tanena had with Johnny’s son Christopher, who lived of his dad’s monthly stipend in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., while trying to become a pro golfer.

Johnny got wind of the interracial romance when Tanena was six months pregnant.

Livid, he ordered his son to end it or lose his cash flow. Christopher promptly abandoned his lover and their unborn child.

A Florida judge later ordered him to pay child support. While Grandpa Johnny lived the high life, at one point, Christal had to live off welfare and Medicaid.

Christal spent many heartwrenching years trying to connect with Johnny, who rejected all her holiday cards.

Sadly, when Christal was 16, Tanena took her to see her dad at his home in 2003. Christopher ordered them of his property and told them to “never come back,” claimed Tanena.

Despite the hardship, Christal has matured into a “beautiful woman” who is “doing well,” her mom said. “She is going to be a doctor. She’s done four years in school and she plans on going back to get the other four years. I have funds set aside … No one has had to help us – only God. That’s all you need.”