John Travolta’s Gay Court Bombshell

John tavolta sq

JOHN TRAVOLTA'S most closely held gay secrets could finally be revealed in a shocking courtroom showdown – a move that would be the ultimate betrayal for wife KELLY PRESTON, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“Kelly is beside herself with worry,” said a source. “John might have to answer under oath if he sexually prefers men over women!”

The nightmare began after a Santa Barbara, Calif., judge ruled the “Grease” star, 61, must go to court to answer questions from the attorney representing his former boyfriend, Doug Gotterba.

The one-time lovers have been locked in a bitter legal battle for the past two years over whether Doug signed a confidentiality agreement preventing him from telling all about their sordid affair.

According to court papers, Doug believes John and his attorneys could’ve faked the agreement they claim forces him to stay quiet!

Judge Donna Geck denied a motion by John’s team on June 26 to dismiss the case, and a trial confirmation hearing is set for Aug. 7.

“John’s in major trouble,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “Being questioned under oath about Doug and their relationship could really be a disaster!”

It’s the latest twist in a lawsuit filed by Doug, 65, who’s fighting to publish his book, “Travolta Exposed,” about his years as John’s personal pilot and very personal companion.

As The ENQUIRER was first to report in 2012, Doug plans to reveal even more graphic details of their six-year gay relationship – but the memoir prompted John’s pit bull attorney, Martin Singer, to attempt to gag the author.

The source added: “Anything introduced into evidence at trial becomes fair game, and that’s something John is not going to like!

“Kelly’s absolutely furious now, and she blames John for allowing this to happen.”

But it’s likely John’s team will attempt to limit questions to the confidentiality agreement in a desperate attempt to protect his apparent twisted double life.

The ENQUIRER recently revealed that the couple had a blowout fight over the case while they were in Hawaii.

John escaped to Los Angeles, while Kelly remained behind with daughter Ella Bleu, 15, and son Benjamin, 4.

Besides the legal drama, John recently raised eyebrows when he had brunch July 12 with a handsome hunk at Melvyn’s at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, Calif.

The two men appeared to be pals, and roughly the same age, said an eyewitness.

“I tried to twist their arm to get them to hang around a little bit for our Sunday jazz jam session,” the source said, “but I think they had another agenda.”