EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!  What Mafia kingpin “Dapper Don” JOHN GOTTI  thought about  JOHN TRAVOLTA’s “comeuppance” in a candid  interview with his daughter VICTORIA GOTTI.

“Dad would be proud that he’s going to be played by John Travol­ta,” the late mob boss’ daughter Victoria told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Victoria – who starred on TV’s “Growing Up Gotti” and is a successful novelist and “Star” maga­zine columnist – revealed that her powerful father didn’t want anyone to whitewash his life.

“My father knew that one day his full story would be told,” recalled Victoria. “And he said, ‘Just prom­ise me you don’t make me out to be an altar boy – because I wasn’t.’ ”

Victoria also revealed that Gotti once turned two thumbs down on Travolta.

“When I was a teenager, I had the biggest crush on John during his ‘Saturday Night Fever’ days. I had his poster hanging on my bedroom wall.

“I thought John was gorgeous! But Dad saw it differently – and I had to take the poster down.

“Dad was ‘a clean freak’ and didn’t want the poster messing up the lavender-color walls of the bedroom I shared with my sister. For the record, her David Cassidy poster also had to come down.”

But years later, Gotti apparently changed his tune about the “Pulp Fiction” star.

“What’s interesting is that at the end of my father’s life, Travolta’s name came up in one of our con­versations and Dad remembered back to the poster on my bed­room wall,” said Victoria.

“At the time, John had made a big Hollywood comeback and Dad told me, ‘You know, it’s good to see. He’s got his comeuppance. He deserves it.’

“I kidded him and said, ‘Dad, I didn’t think you were a fan.’

“And he responded, ‘You know, what I like about John Travolta is that they say he’s a nice guy in person.’ ”

Confided Victoria: “So it means a lot to me that John’s going to play him.”

The only issue Victoria sees be­fore filming begins in January is that “John right now is too thin – he’s going to have to put on a little weight if he’s going to play my father.”

The film, scheduled for release in the fall of 2012, also stars Travolta’s wife KELLY PRESTON as Gotti’s wife.