Katy perry 2

Pop princess KATY PERRY was busy rehearsing for this year’s big Super Bowl halftime show – while her boyfriend JOHN MAYER was scoring with plenty of groupies!

“It’s unbelievable, but John’s at it again,” one shocked source exclusively revealed to The National ENQUIRER.

“He just can’t help himself. He’s got a girl in every port, and he hasn’t cut ties with any of them.” Even more devastating, clueless Katy “has no idea,” dished the insider, noting the singer, 30, suffered through a public split with the 37-year-old rocker last year for exactly the same reason.

“Katy thinks she’s in control of the situation, trying to play things cool, telling him she doesn’t want to be exclusive until he’s proven he can be true to her – but it’s completely backfired,” added the source.

“[Not] ‘exclusive’ doesn’t mean carry on flirting like a playboy with groupies! He insists he’s not sleeping with anyone else, but it’s very hard to believe with what’s happened in the past.

“As far as Katy’s concerned, talking all night to random women – texting them, flirting with them – it’s emotional cheating, and she’s going to hit the roof when she finds out.”

And Katy is still fragile after last year’s rebound fling with DJ Diplo fell apart – once she discovered he already had a baby on the way with an ex.

Katy’s own inner circle isn’t surprised though – as one insider said, “Let’s face it: Katy’s got really bad luck with men, and restarting something with John is only going to end in tears again!”