Mike Walker

Ladies’ Man John Mayer Says No One Does It Better Than…Himself

Legendary womanizer can do without his celeb dates!

john mayer dating scandals
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Mike Walker reports… Even if you’re a huge fan of womanizing musician John Mayer — who loves bragging about his love life — I won’t suggest that we give him a big hand!

In a lifetime of sexual shenanigans with such sexpots as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry, lonesome John went on record boasting that he believes he’s been his best lover ever!

Never mind that he famously described Jessica as “sexual napalm,” or that Katy recently cared enough to name John as her own favorite play pal — leaving Orlando Bloom ranked at #2!

Instead, John immodestly uttered this staggering revelation: “I have been my best lover…so far!”