Shocking Secrets John Lennon Took To His Early Grave

John lennon square

John Lennon was callously murdered in the street at age 40, and the born storyteller — who wrote such evocative songs — ironically took many stunning secrets with him to the grave.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that Lennon fully expected to be murdered — and by a deranged Beatles fan, no less!

He was relentlessly haunted for years by a recurring vision of his own brutal death.

But not only that, Lennon fully believed he would return to life — in the body of his son Sean!

To this end, he spent five years under the guidance of two full-time, live-in seers — a psychic and an astrologer — carefully molding his son into a “mirror image of himself” where his reincarnated spirit could eventually reside.

This included everything from choosing Sean’s clothes and haircut to overseeing every bite of food the child ate.

“John loved Sean more than anyone else in the world because he believed that when he died his spirit would return in Sean’s body,” disclosed a close friend. “He believed this because both John and Sean had the same birth date: Oct. 9.”

Lennon transformed a vast room of his apartment into a mystical, Egyptian-like temple filled with relics of ancient religions.

He and his wife, Yoko Ono, hardly ever made a move without consulting clairvoyants, astrologers or numerologists.

In the eerie world Lennon created, he came to see his son and himself as one — and Yoko became not just a wife, but also the singer’s “mother.” Lennon called her “mother” right up until his tragic death on Dec. 8, 1980.

When he was finally convinced that his son’s transformation was successful, Lennon was prepared to die — so he dropped his massive security detail. Just weeks later, he was gunned down outside his New York apartment house by twisted Beatles fan Mark David Chapman.

It was the bizarre, horrifying end that seemed scripted by the terrible vision that dominated Lennon’s life.

“In the vision, John said he saw a man lurking in the shadows, saw the flash of a bullet and felt sharp pain. He saw his life draining away,” confided a friend. “But in the vision, he felt perfectly serene and saw himself drifting into the body of his beloved son — that gave him peace of mind.”

“He believed that when Sean grew up he would pick up his father’s career and soar to even greater heights inspired by John’s spirit, which would direct the boy,” another source added.

Perhaps John was so eager to live in his son’s body because his own childhood in Liverpool, England, had been so brutal and unhappy.

When Lennon was young, his father, Fred, decided to move to New Zealand, so the boy had the choice of going with him or staying in Liverpool with his mother, Julia. He chose his mom — who quickly dumped him on her sister, Mimi.

Lennon was an indifferent student at best, and according to school chums, he preferred fighting to studying.

Lennon said he ran his own hoodlum gang because he wanted to be a leader; he wanted other people to do what he said.

“The sort of gang I led went in for things like shoplifting and pulling girls’ knickers down,” he once said.

As a result, Lennon’s school career was all downhill. His report cards were filled with remarks like: “Hopeless … he is just wasting other pupils’ time … certainly on the road to failure.”

Instead, he was actually on the road to superstardom as one of the driving musical forces of the late 20th century.

His Aunt Mimi once told him, “A guitar is all right, John, but you’ll never earn your living by it.”

But of course he did. And after he had made his mark on rock ’n’ roll and stepped away from the spotlight, he and Yoko began living their lives by psychics.

One seer told them to take a journey around the world, and they did — with John collecting mystical artifacts from around the globe to store in his temple-like room.

The couple became so obsessed that a psychic was the first person Yoko telephoned after John was killed!

“Yoko screamed to the psychic, ‘John has been shot!’” said the source. “That shows how involved John and Yoko were with the occult.”

And who knows? Lennon’s spirit certainly lives on through his music!