JFK To Swedish Siren: ‘I’ll Dump Jackie For You!’

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John F. Kennedy carried on a shocking affair with a sexy Swedish blonde behind Jackie’s back — and his never-before-seen love letters exposed the steamy romance that nearly ended his marriage and presidential dreams!

The secret fling between the future President and beautiful Swedish aristocrat Gunilla von Post began when the two first met on the French Riviera in August 1953 — just three weeks before JFK wed Jackie!

JFK, then a 36-year-old U.S. senator from Massachusetts, and the 21-year-old Swedish siren dined, danced and finally shared a passionate kiss beneath the stars.

After their encounter, Gunilla, who died at age 79 in 2011, never expected to see her dashing American beau again — until his handwritten letters started to arrive.

The young JFK professed his intimate feelings in phrases that ranged from precious to witty to ardent.

He gave her pet names like “Gorilla” and “Flicka,” the Swedish word for “beautiful girl.”

Amazingly, JFK was still smitten after his wedding — and the affair came to a head in August 1955, when the illicit couple spent “a magical week” together in Sweden, Gunilla claimed in her 1997 memoir, “Love, Jack.”

Blockbuster love letters from the lusty future President to his Swedish sweetheart — some recently discovered notes sold for $15,000 at auction — provided new details of their passion.

A 1954 letter revealed JFK’s attempt to secretly rendezvous with Gunilla in Stockholm.

“Is there any chance you shall be there as I would like to say hello,” he wrote.

He later was forced to cancel the trip to get surgery on his spine, which was injured in a World War II naval battle in the Pacific.

In December 1954, while recuperating in Palm Beach, Fla., a lovelorn JFK wrote he was “haunted” by Gunilla’s “beautiful, controlled face.”

He desperately tried to see her once more, in 1955.

“I am anxious to see you — is it not strange after all these months? Perhaps at first it shall be a little difficult as we shall be strangers — but not strangers  … It is a long way to Gunilla — it is worth it.”

In a 1956 letter he addresses her upcoming marriage to a Swedish landowner.

“If you don’t marry, come over as I should like to see you,” it read.

“I had a wonderful time last summer with you. It is a bright memory of my life — you are wonderful and I miss you.”

JFK told his domineering dad, Joe, that he wanted to divorce Jackie so he could marry his Swedish lover, Gunilla wrote in her book.

But Joe hit the roof, yelling that JFK would “be President someday” and that divorce would “ruin everything,” she wrote.

The shocking romance ended as a result of Joe’s bullying and Jackie’s miscarriage in late 1955.

“Joe Kennedy desperately wanted Jack to be President,” said an insider.

“Joe was not going to let anything stand in his way!”