"Leave my family alone…I hope you die!" That’s what a furious Elizabeth Edwards spat at her cheating husband John‘s mistress Rielle Hunter during an ugly showdown, sources say.

In a bombshell new development in the still-unfolding scandal, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively the cancer stricken Elizabeth flew into a rage when she learned Rielle is planning to move to North Carolina and raise her daughter near the disgraced former presidential candidate.

The news drove the ex-senator’s cancer-stricken wife into a violent  frenzy, insiders say, and she berated his former campaign aide, Andrew Young,  in a shockingly vicious phone call.

"When Elizabeth found out Rielle had shown up in North Carolina to look at houses, she went ballistic!" a close source told The ENQUIRER.

"She demanded that John give her Rielle’s cell phone number. John was in the room when Elizabeth called Rielle and screamed into the phone, ‘How dare you move here?’

"Without giving Rielle a chance to respond, Elizabeth continued her tirade, shouting, ‘Leave my family alone!’

"Then, clearly beside herself with rage, she blurted out, ‘I hope you die!’ and slammed down the phone.’"

On the other end of the line, Rielle – who’s been living with a friend in New Jersey – recoiled in horror, said the source.

"Elizabeth didn’t have to identify herself for Rielle to know WHO it was," the source said.

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