Disgraced politico John Edwards accuses renegade aide Andrew Young, who testified before the Grand Jury investigating the hush money conspiracy, of shooting the secret sex tape of Edwards and mistress coupling!

The two time presidential candidate loser Edwards and ex-lover Rielle Hunter are now accusing former Edwards loyalist Andrew Young of secretly taping them, say insiders.

Both the ex-senator and blonde divorcee think Young may have videotaped them having sex in North Carolina in 2007 when Rielle was pregnant, a close source told The ENQUIRER.

Young will describe the sex video in his forthcoming tell-all book, according to a published report.

The political aide’s book proposal reportedly says he found the shocking video while "unpacking" after he and his family relocated to a new home in California.

To hide the affair, Rielle had lived for a while in Young’s guest room – where a cheating Edwards secretly hooked up with her "making a booty call", according to the close source.

"John and Rielle think Andrew concocted the story that he ‘found’ the tape. They think he may have been the one responsible for recording it," divulged the close source.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Young’s new tell-all shocker confirms previous worldwide exclusive ENQUIRER investigation of the John Edwards BabyGate Conspiracy.  Not only that but pundits suspect Young pulled a John Dean maneuver before the Federal Grand Jury investigation into possible misuse of presidential campaign funds funneled to buy Hunter’s silence.

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