UPDATE: The New York Times finally wakes up and re-reports the scoop The ENQUIRER FIRST revealed in a BOMBSHELL WORLD EXCLUSIVE back on June 23 2009 that Andrew Young, who once claimed to be the father of Rielle Hunter‘s baby, new tell-allblows the lid off John Edwards‘ BabyGate cover-up!

Here’s what FIRST reported EXCLUSIVELY 3 months ago!

According to publishing insiders, Edwards’ campaign worker Andrew Young who claimed paternity and took Edwards confessed lover into his home now feels betrayed and is shopping a 20 page book proposal about the political sex scandal.

The proposal details how Young, a lifelong pal of two-time Presidential loser John Edwards, will chronicle his attempt to coverup Edwards’ affair with Hunter by taking a very pregnant Rielle into his home to live with his wife and three children and the ensuing whirlwind of controversy when the ENQUIRER first exposed the web of lies. 

Included in the alleged proposal are pictures of Edwards with his love child and Young confirms The ENQUIRER’s series of explosive reports that money man Fred Baron, the Texas fat cat bankrolled  the cover-up, paying for the Youngs plus Hunter to move to Santa Barbara.

But after THE ENQUIRER caught Edwards visiting Hunter and their love child at a secret meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton last July, Young became concerned and voiced his dissent to Edwards.

He was immediately cut off by the disgraced politico and has had no contact with Edwards since.

While initial reports from the Edwards camp portrayed Young as a clean-cut campaign worker, the media discovered a history of arrests including check forgery and burglary, the Daily Beast reported.

Young told editors mulling over his book proposal that his reputation is in tatters and that he wants to "set the record straight".

And one that may keep him out of jail as the Federal Investigation into Edwards’ possible misuse of campaign funds to cover up the affair and pay off his mistress via Fred Baron may make Young an accessory to a felony offense which may explain why Young now wants to pull a John Dean maneuver in the unraveling John Edwards BabyGate Conspiracy.

Multiple calls to Young went unanswered and David McCormick his lit rep’s office told The ENQUIRER he "was on vacation" with no forwarding info.

EDITORIAL NOTE 9/19/09 In Andrew Young’s book he also says The Dave Matthews Band would play at Edwards’ wedding to mistress Rielle Hunter after the death of wife Elizabeth.

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