JOHN EDWARDS’ latest legal nightmare – the feds demand­ing that he repay $2.3 million in campaign funds – has trig­gered a new family feud!
The disgraced politician’s eldest daughter Cate is planning a lavish fall wedding, and now she fears that he won’t be able to foot the bill, insiders say.
“Cate has stood by her father through thick and thin, but this time she just snapped,” a close family source told The ENQUIRER.
“She screamed at him, ‘You’ve ruined my wedding!’ ”
Cate, 29, an anti-discrimination lawyer in Washington, D.C., has already started sending out invitations for her walk down the aisle with physician Trevor Upham, said the source.
But her plans took a hit after the Federal Election Commission recent­ly socked her father for $2.3 million to make up for the matching federal funds his presidential campaign re­ceived after he pulled out of the race in January 2008.
The former North Carolina senator, 58, has also been indicted on federal criminal charges for illegally using campaign funds to cover up his affair with his mistress Rielle Hunter and their love child.
“Normally Cate is composed and rock solid, but after John got hit with the whopping penalty, she became completely unglued and her emo­tions got the best of her,” the source divulged.
“She broke down and sobbed, telling her father that he’s ruined the family name and her mother Elizabeth died heartbroken because of his affair.
“Cate unleashed years of pent-up anger, and John just took her tongue-lashing. There was nothing he could say to her.”
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