Senator John Edwards confirmed his affair with Rielle Hunter and his ambush by NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters at the Beverly Hills Hilton!

Edwards has admitted to repeatedly lying during his Presidential campaign — and to his cancer-stricken wife.

He told ABC News Bob Woodruff for Nightline that he is not the father of the love child although he hadn’t taken a paternity test.

His non-denial-denials to The ENQUIRER articles first reported in October 2007 were "The story is false, it’s completely untrue, it’s ridiculous."

Edwards also confessed The ENQUIRER was correct when it reported he had visited Hunter at the Beverly Hills Hilton last month.  His wife had not known about the meeting.

Since becoming pregnant Hunter has lived under various names and a series of expensive homes in both North Carolina and California.

Edwards denied paying Hunter to keep her silent but said it may be possible friends or supporters of his made the payments.

Edwards says he will now investigate any possible hush money payoffs.

As far as being the father of Hunter’s love child, you might as well go all the way now, Johnny Boy.

Submit to a DNA test. 

By the way what was it you said about The ENQUIRER’s journalistic chops when the main stream media was silent until we gave them more than a smoking gun by dropping a bomb on August 6?

Oh yeah – "Tabloid Trash."