Not content to be spoon fed nay-say pablum from the lame-stream media JOHN CARTER fans have taken matters into their own hands!

Since day one corporate lackeys of the entertainment industry predicted doom and gloom for the Edgar Rice Burroughs'  John Carter space epic helmed by “Wall-E” guru Andrew Stanton but those who have actually seen the mind-blowing heroic fantasy are saying WTF?!

In what and others are calling a media conspiracy and an outrageous expert stock market manipulation helmed by the Nielsen Corporation (the TV ratings corp.) who own The Hollywood Reporter and Rupert Murdoch’s vast media empire which includes 20th Century Fox which owns both “Star Wars” and “Avatar” a vast tapestry of falsehoods are now merging.

While they claim “John Carter” is a box office disappointment in the United States it has grossed over 100 million overseas and it's the top grossing film in Russia – no less. 

MTV reported that fans demanding a sequel are now flexing their viral muscles as a fan driven petition called  "Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!,"  is climbing up the Facebook “LIKE”  charts.

The Barsoomian Facebook petition is encouraging people to go out and watch "John Carter" and judge for themselves as “Friends of Woola” share their own memories of the 101 year-old franchise first dreamt of by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs when he was a starving pencil salesman back in 1911.

In fact, Burroughs was so insecure of writing a then hitherto unknown tale of science fiction he signed his manuscript as “Normal Bean” ("Normal being” – the publisher thought it a typo and credited the space romance to Norman Bean).

Since its publication, the Martian books have never been out of print, inspiring generation after generation of dreamers including Ray Bradbury, George Lucas and James Cameron – to say the least.

Without John Carter there would be no Flash Gordon, Superman or Luke Skywalker – to say nothing of the men and women of NASA who first saw Mars through the eyes of Burroughs' "gentleman from Virginia".  

According to Box Office Mojo, "John Carter" has raked in $106 million worldwide, and its only been out a mere week. And that’s not counting the potential millions to be reaped from ancillary sales to cable, network TV and home video blu-ray and dvds.

Mark Hughes at wrote, “(John Carter) most reminds me of are those great classic matinee adventures like Jason and the Argonauts — big, bright adventures with wild monsters and brave armies, heroes and heroines who run and jump and kiss while we grin like kids at the sheer fun of it all. There was a time when not every movie tried to be some cliched “dark and gritty” version of itself, and when critics and audiences went to movies to laugh and cheer and have grand ol’ fun getting entertained by movies that worked hard to give you your buck’s worth for two hours.

“And that’s what John Carter is — an old fashioned matinee adventure. It’s Tarzan and Flash Gordon, it’s The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Star Wars.

“It’s a mixture of barbarian-like ancient technology and weird heavy machinery, it’s swords and flying ships, it’s cowboys and space travel. And it’s a good time at a good movie that is far better than the eye-rolling, ironically-smirking cynics would have you believe. “

See for yourself – in Imax 3D and Real 3D—everywhere on Jasoom (Earth).

Tell Tars Tarkus when you see him, The ENQUIRER sent you –you’ll be glad you went.