Jodi Arias Prosecutor: ‘Lovesick Juror Kept Murderess Off Death Row!’


Jodi Arias was spared the death penalty after being convicted of the savage 2008 murder of motivational speaker Travis Alexander — and now a bombshell book claims Jodi charmed her way off Death Row!

“Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars” is written by case prosecutor Juan Martinez, and makes a chilling case for how Jodi seduced a vulnerable male juror into saving her from the death penalty!

Martinez refuses to name the “very sympathetic” juror who refused to make the required unanimous decision that would have sentenced Jodi to a lethal injection in an Arizona prison — despite the killer femme getting caught changing her story multiple times after Travis died from over two dozen stab wounds, plus a slit throat and a gunshot!

But veteran followers of the Jodi Arias trial believe that it’s no secret which juror in the initial murder trial was charmed by Jodi!

They claim that it was jury foreman Bill Zervakos — backed up by Radar Online’s coverage of the murder trial!

As reported by Radar, Zervakos seemed eager to make excuses for Jodi after her conviction — saying: “What she did was horrible, there’s no question about it, but this is a human being.

“Our jury’s prudence systems is based on ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

“And this girl was crucified in the court of public opinion!”

Even worse, Zervakos also declared that he believed Arias’ claims that she was the real victim in her relationship with Travis.

“I am very sure in my own mind that Jodi was mentally and verbally abused by him,” he said.

Alternate juror Tara Harris Kelley has approached Daily Mail Online with her own opinion that Zervakos had gone googly-eyed over the murderess.

“When we would go into the judge’s chambers,” Tara told The Mail, “[Zervakos] would always make eye contact with her, and do the same when he left.

“He had said that he was a womanizer early on, and that made him concerned he was going to be attracted to her!”

Tara added: “I honestly think he wanted to find her not guilty, but he found her guilty…because he had to, because of the evidence that was there.”

“Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars” will be released on February 16, 2016.