Kelly Osbourne Boozing Again

Kelly Osbourne may have quit E!’s “Fashion Police” for the right reasons, but sources fear she’s using the setback as a rationale to ruin her sobriety.

“People are worried, and now that she is unemployed, people fear for her because she is in a lot of pain and isn’t opening up to anyone about it,” a friend told The National ENQUIRER.

“She just says everything is ‘fine’ whenever anyone tries to reach out.”

The British reality TV star, 30, was snapped outside The Roost, a Los Angeles bar, on March 27 – an alarming development for a seven-time rehab vet with a history of drug, alcohol and binging woes.

A representative for Kelly denied she had been to rehab for drinking or to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, stating: “She’s in a great place mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally and has everything under control.”

To make friends’ concerns worse, Kelly had already started withdrawing following the death of “Fashion Police” co-star Joan Rivers last September.