HEADSTRONG Joan Collins turned against longtime pals who don’t approve of her marriage to her Peruvian toyboy Percy Gibson — and angrily broke off with them on the eve of her wedding!

“It’s my life and as long as we’re not hurting anyone I don’t see what it has to do with anyone else,” the lovestruck star announced. “If my friends didn’t accept this relationship, they’re not my friends.”

Joan, 68, invited to the ceremony only people she feels are 100 percent behind her marriage to the handsome 36-year-old stage manager, who proposed after they dated for just 13 weeks. Many friends believe he’s only interested in her luxurious lifestyle.

“Percy enjoys the good things in life, like fine wines, expensive clothes, travel — all the things Joan’s money can buy,” a source close to the former “Dynasty” star told The ENQUIRER. “But although Joan likes to live extravagantly, she hasn’t got a massive fortune. She can not afford to shell out another $1.5 million if Percy doesn’t work out.”

“She doesn’t need a struggling stage manager on her arm,” agreed longtime friend Glenys Roberts, who spoke out against the marriage. “I fear the sequel to the fancy wedding will be a knock-down, drag-out divorce!”

Even Joan’s son Sacha, who is the same age as the groom, had reservations about the marriage after a whirlwind courtship, saying bluntly: “The relationship is kind of weird.”

The star has heard repeated warnings from friends and relatives about handsome Percy. The Peruvian moved to America years ago to become an actor but ended up a struggling stage manager supported by his wife Cynthia, whom he recently divorced.

“He comes from an aristocratic background in Peru and has impeccable manners — but he’s from the poor branch of the family,” revealed the source. “Cynthia had to work as a waitress to support him, and when he tried to produce Broadway plays, they flopped.”

Love-struck Joan defends her latest love, but — still smarting fromt eh $1.5 million it cost her to split from her previous husband Peter Holm — she has tried to protect herself against another marital disaster. Joan had lawyers draw up a prenuptial agreement that will give her fifth husband only a pittance for every year they stay married. Sources say Percy signed the agreement to prove he was marrying for love.

“But the agreement better be watertight,” worried the source. “Premarital agreements don’t carry the same weight in Britain as in California. If they spend more time in London than in L.A., Percy could challenge the prenup if they split, and claim it doesn’t apply.”

“She’s always been taken in by appearances, only to be later betrayed — and she’s always suffered,” sighed her longtime pal Glenys. “She’s never been a good picker of men.”