Mike Walker

Joan Collins Vs. Britt Ekland — Aging Diva Wars!

Sex symbols of the '60s and '70s still swinging!

joan collins feud britt ekland
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Mike Walker Reports…  Pals of Joan Collins say the iconic “Dynasty” star screamed non-stop when aging Swedish bombshell “frenemy” Britt Ekland, 73, viciously attacked her in a British newspaper interview!

The fellow former starlet called Joan a dried-up, deluded crone who thinks she’s still SEXY!!

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Sneered bitchy Britt: “Joan Collins? Somehow she feels the need to be sexy at 83! I love Joan, but this is an image, an illusion! Just like her wigs, it’s not reality.”

Britt added: “I’m not like Joan! I don’t try to portray myself as sexy. If you call me, ‘sexy Britt,’ I will puke. I’m going to be 74 years old, so how can I be sexy?”

Said My SpyWitness: “Joan fired back that Britt’s jealous because she’s married to a young stud, age 51 — and still enjoys steamy sex!

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“Snarked Joan, ‘Britt’s been jealous ever since Aaron Spelling picked me to star on “Dynasty” instead of her. She needs to let it go!

“‘Just because she’s decided to be celibate, doesn’t mean I have to be … that’s what keeps me young! If Britt considers herself an old woman, that’s on her!’”