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Jay Leno Steps In To Sober Up Boozy Fallon

Jimmy gets a serious talk about staying funny!

Jimmy fallon drinking jay leno

Former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno is stepping in to ensure Jimmy Fallon doesn’t tarnish the TV institution’s legacy with his embarrassing booze-fueled antics!

Although NBC categorically denies it, The National ENQUIRER has been told that network execs are freaking over Fallon’s getting plowed in public — and asked Jay to do a “Tonight Show” intervention!

“They want Jimmy to succeed, but they don’t want to take any more chances he’ll humiliate the network,” claimed an on-set spy.

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Jay lives a sober lifestyle, noted the source, but the comic understands the stress that late-night hosts feel to be their “funny best” every night for the show.

After listening to Jay’s harrowing stories about other comic pals ruined by self-destructive lifestyles, Jimmy appreciated the advice and took it to heart.

“Jimmy respects Jay and the show’s history,” the source said. “But every day is a struggle!”