Jessica Simpson Tells Hubby to Kiss off!

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson head out for dinner in New York

Barbie doll Jessica Simpson continues to smooth out her face with fillers and injectables — but it’s causing more rough patches in her already stormy marriage, say sources.

The reality ditz turned fashion mogul, 41, has been obsessing over her looks for some time. Meanwhile, her frustrated husband of seven years, former football star Eric Johnson, is at his wits’ end because he wants her to go natural, insiders confide.

“Eric has tried talking sense into her countless times with regards to her Botox and fillers obsession, but she shoots him down and keeps going back for more,” reveals a source. “This has been going on for years now, and the pattern is very firmly set.

“Jessica’s insecurity about her face is a huge issue. She loves having these procedures but Eric finds this plastic fantastic a big fat turnoff.”

The couple — who have two sons and a daughter together — have been rocked by marriage woes in recent times. Insiders say 42-year-old Johnson is fed up with his stubborn spouse’s controlling ways.

“Jessica calls the shots now more than ever,” says the source. “But even if Eric is unhappy in the marriage, it’s highly unlikely he’ll walk — and she knows it.”