Deceitful Dad

Jessica Simpson’s Dad Stiffed Worker Over $60K

Creative director Stella Larbi is calling out the singer’s pop!

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Jessica Simpson’s dad, Joe, may have a daughter worth $150 million, but he still owes a struggling single mother with cancer $60,000 in unpaid wages!

That’s according to former employee Stella Larbi, who alleged: “Joe didn’t live up to his end of the deal!”

The creative director, 50, claimed Joe hired her last May to change his image from being known as Jessica’s dad to being a fashion photographer.

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“I told Joe it would take at least six months … we verbally agreed he would pay me $5,000 a month, plus $1,000 a day when on actual photo shoots,” Stella asserted.

For months, Stella worked six days a week on Joe — only receiving a measly $6,100 when, at that point, he owed her over $45,000. She’s since hired an attorney, and Joe, 57, was sent a legal letter.

Claimed a source: “If Jessica knew, she’d be furious knowing her dad has turned into a deadbeat.”

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