Jerry O’Connell Dodges Tom Cruise Over Scientology Diss

Jerry oconnell tom cruise scientology sq

Tom Cruise has Jerry O’Connell on the run over Scientology!

Radar Online has the scoop on how the busy actor is still awfully nervous after parodying Cruise in a 2008 video for the Funny or Die website.

“I have not run into [Cruise],” explained O’Connell, before adding how he’s made sure to avoid that happening.

“I saw him at one event, and I hid. I had to be at the event. I hid for as long as I could.

“When it was, like, time to disperse, I literally was the first at valet!”

Radar also has Jerry revealing how he and his “Bachelor” brother Charlie had to dodge Scientology recruiters after a hard night of partying.

“My brother and I were stumbling down Franklin Ave. at 2:30 in the morning,” said Jerry.

“That’s how they get you!”