Love Lost!

Alex Rodriguez Gives Jennifer Lopez Grief Over Her Exes

All-star lineup has A-Rod worried sick!

jennifer lopez alex rodriguez dating

Alex Rodriguez has socked sexy galpal Jennifer Lopez with an ultimatum — to stop being palsy-walsy with her old beaus!

It seems the Latina hottie likes to keep close with her exes, and that has the muscle-bound batsman in a snit.

“J.Lo is really friendly with all of her former flames,” said an insider, and it drives Alex crazy.

It’s reportedly gotten bad enough that the former Yankees pinstriper cries foul whenever her phone chimes.

“He wants to know who it is,” revealed the mole.

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The demanding diva could fill a dugout with former loves, including ex-hubbies Marc Anthony and Cris Judd.

And she was once just days away from walking down the aisle from now-single star Ben Affleck before they split.

“Alex understands that Marc will 
always be in her life because they 
have children,” noted the source,“but he doesn’t think 
she should be in touch with Cris 
and Ben at all.”

Meanwhile, the seriously smitten singing siren is reportedly fighting A-Rod all the way, 
telling the big lug “to get used to it, because she’s not giving them up!”