Mike Walker

Jennifer Garner Gets Salty Over Free Sample

Disgusting day at the grocery store for the celebrity mom!

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Mike Walker Reports… Suck on this, Jennifer Garner! Shoppers watching a vendor passing out free samples at a chic L.A. market got a show-stopping performance when the superstar paused to hear the pitch.

The maybe-estranged bride of Ben Affleck listened to the guy gush that his new veggie sauce was “delicious and healthy!” So, practically licking her lips, Jen accepted a sample!

She tossed it in her mouth and … what the YUCK!

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Said My Green Grocer Spy: “Jen just about tossed her cookies! Turning green, she spit the stuff into a paper cup, gasping, ‘What’s in this?! It tastes like pure salt! … It’s DISGUSTING!’

“Bystanders suppressed giggles as Jen grabbed the jar, read the ingredients aloud and gasped at the high amount of sodium.

“The girl was LIVID! I don’t think she’s been this upset since that nasty news about Ben and the nanny!”