Sizzle Fizzle?

Jennifer Garner Gives Burger Boy The Flip

Pals say romance with fast food baron has lost its sizzle!

Jennifer Garner in Blue and White Gingham Dress, Inset John Miller Headshot
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Jen Garner may be pumping the brakes on her bounce-back romance with burger baron John Miller!

Sources said the 47-year-old ex-wife of Ben Affleck is having second thoughts about marrying the 41-year-old businessman.

“They’ve definitely cooled things off. After a lot of careful reflection, Jen’s decided that John just isn’t The One,” claimed an insider.

The couple hasn’t been pictured together since a tense lunch in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades in mid-July.

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“They looked like they were having a tense conversation on the sidewalk. John had his hands on his hips!” according to a snitch.

The pair began dating in October and Jen was considering tying the knot with John, the CEO of CaliBurger restaurants, said the spywitness.

“Things were moving along quickly, but now Jen wants to focus on her three kids with Ben,” added the source. “She feels it’s too soon to get this serious.”

Jen did not respond to The National ENQUIRER’s request for comment.