Jennifer Garner Bawls For Ben On Movie Set

'Good Morning America' TV show, New York, USA - 01 Mar 2022

Tender Jennifer Garner nearly washed away a scene she was filming by sobbing about her divorce from Ben Affleck all the way through it!

The director of the new sci-fi film The Adam Project reveals the brunette boo-hooed while filming a scene with co-star Ryan Reynolds.

She “could not stop crying,” director Shawn Levy revealed after an advance screening.

He says when Ryan’s character delivers the line “boys always come back for their mamas,” the floodgates REALLY opened!

“She wrestles with the fact that boys tend to be uncomfortable expressing anger at their fathers so they often take it out on their mothers, so Jen was very emotional,” Levy says.

“I walked up to Jen and was like, ‘You need to try not to cry,’ so we used the scene where she’s trying to smile through those glistening eyes.”

Jen and Ben, both 49, divorced in 2018 after 13 years of marriage and three children